I'm a 23 year old puppy lover, coffee addict, and travel junkie currently residing in sunny San Francisco, CA. Let's work together!


"Mono no Aware" is a Japanese phrase that literally means "a sensitivity to things". It's one of those untranslatable phrases that is difficult to understand in the English language because it means more than its literal translation. It embodies the essence of Japanese culture--the sad but beautiful appreciation for the fleeting nature of all things. It states that beauty is a subjective rather than objective experience and it is manifested mostly internally rather than externally. For example, the Japanese cherry blossom trees are the epitome of Mono no Aware since their leaves bloom and fall within a single week.

 The inspiration for much of my photography is derived from Mono no Aware. Photographs preserve a piece of time that evoke feelings of Mono no Aware when looking back at them later. You can never return to the time in the photograph, all you have is the memory of it--and that is what is beautiful. 

Much of my creative work attempts to capture the inner essence of people and things. A candid  moment where a subject is looking down, fixing their hair, and forgetting the camera is even there are the type of shots that I find most beautiful. Photography is my outlet for creative expression and I welcome any opportunity to collaborate to create something awesome!



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