Artist Spotlight: Alexandra Valenti

As a lover of photography and art in general, I will be posting occasional "artist spotlights" as a way to introduce you to some of my favorite creative people.  By sharing their work, I hope to inspire you to go out and create awesome things.  *Note: I'm also thinking about occasionally posting about social issues/trending news as a way to get inspired to create.  I had an art professor named Richard Ross at UCSB who tremendously affected the way I view art and the impact it can have. Ross's work focuses on youth incarceration, and he is passionate about exploring the ways that photography can bring about social change.  Most of our homework had to do with reading the New York Times, and finding a topic that truly inspires us. So anyway, stay tuned for future articles that may or may not have anything to do with photography. 

Without further ado, the Artist Spotlight for this week goes out to Alexandra Valenti. I fell in love with her work after stumbling upon some of her images on tumblr and Free People a couple years ago. The fact that she shoots for Free People makes her 50 times more likable because the FP brand in general is super cute, bohemian, and all-around cool. She's known for her mixed-media work, where she combines watercolor paintings with photographs. This is the kind of stuff that truly inspires me. I really want to try some mixed-media photography because I think the results are super interesting, unique and beautiful. If anyone has a tutorial on how to do this, send it my way! I could stare at these images for hours, no joke. Don't be embarrassed if you end up spending more time than you would like to admit reading this blog post. Tell me what you think in the comments section below, and hit the subscribe button if you want to be notified whenever I post something on the blog!!

Give Alexandra some love here: Alexandra Valenti Photography


Throwback to when the woman herself responded to me on Twitter. <3

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